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Attention Liturgical Ministers

New schedules for February and March of 2019 are currently being established. Please notify Ella Zagurskie at 724.726.8224 (or email: of any dates you will NOT be available to minister during these months.  Thanks so much for your faithful ministry!  Your time and talents are greatly appreciated

January 19 and 20

Altar ServersCantorEMHCLectorUshersStewardship​​
4:30 pm B. Waterhouse
S. Waterhouse
M. Kirsch
D. Sorce
J. Smarsh
V. Smarsh
D. Pencola
E. Zagurskie


9:30 amB. Tamburrino
J. Cribbs
 B. Griffith
S. Maudie
M. Buggey
J. Buggey
F. Shimps
 M. Griffith
E. Davis
R. Petricig
T. Okopal
T. Canzano
M. Sorce
B. Rairie
L. Zambotti

January 26 and 27

Altar ServersCantorEMHCLectorUshersStewardship​​
4:30 pm M. Spohn
J. Sharer
B. Ryan
E. Zagurskie
D. Sorce
J. Johns
A. Kovalcik
D. Pencola


9:30 amA. Davis
B. Davis
 S. Hefferin
C. Davis
T. Stewart
H. Thomas
J. Lux
 T. Arnette
S. Fabin
L. Mouser
D. Cavalier
T. Gordish
V. Gordish
T. Bachy